DeVry University
Bachelors of Science in Gaming & Simulation Programing
Magna Cum Laude
GPA: 3.73


Level Design
Quality Assurance
Computer Building
Computer Repair


Final Fantasy Franchise
Tales of Franchise
Halo Franchise
Assassin’s Creed Franchise
Metal Gear Franchise
Zone of the Enders


My skillsets are motivated by what has cultivated my passion for gaming. As a teen I was mesmerized by the various gaming environments and their storylines. I was shocked at how something artificial could immerse my senses so profoundly. Through gaming environments and storylines I was able to dive into and interact with a completely new world and journey through a much more fulling experience than any book or movie could provide As I continued to seek out new gaming experiences, I began to learn about and perform computer building, repair, and maintenance and that knowledge further fueled my desire to learn game design. My hobbies of gaming and computer building became the perfect storm to send me to school one day be able to design and build what I love!